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What To Pack, from Delia, Alexandria, VA

If you are wondering what to pack when travelling south of the border, a long cotton skirt and short sleeve shirts are perfect. When I travelled to Guatemala in 2003 I packed shorts and some sleeveless shirts not knowing this was not appropriate dress for women in this part of the world.

Provence-Trip-112.jpgAirport Travel and Luggage, from Gail
Regarding luggage identification, I strongly suggest you completely identify your luggage. It is really important to have identification tags on all your bags and carry-ons. When a piece of luggage has a bag tag missing an agent doesn’t always have the time to completely research a city listing. If you want your luggage back quickly, leave your phone number for airline personel to call and if you are not at home someone else may be able to advise them where to forward the bag. I also suggest hard sided bags, with no straps, hooks or belts, nor wheels. These items get caught in turns or connecting conveyor belts which jam up systems and tear up bags when they get caught. Also put your name, address and phone number on the inside of the bag along with an itinerary of your travels. Name tags and bag tags on the outside do get torn off.

As for tie straps for old luggage. What are you going to do when security wants to check your luggage. Will you carry wire cutters and a pocket full of additional straps??? If you have old luggage, throw it out. Everything has a life span. Bags can separate at the seams and zippers. Again, it’s a good idea to buy quality luggage.

From Nancy in Madison, Wisconsin
I have made 2 vests, specifically for travel, with inside, zippered pockets large enough to hold my passport, airline ticket and wallet; my sturdy nylon wallet was purchased from an outdoor/sports outfitter. By removing all coins from my wallet I can pass through airport security without being separated from my travel funds and it is a bit of added security to avoid the possibility of someone snatching my handbag and valuables (including Driver’s license and credit card) from an airport conveyor belt while I am detained by the individual security checking that is done. (Of course, larger sums of money are kept in a money belt.) In addition, having these items on my person allows me to close my eyes (sleep) enroute to my destination knowing that someone would find only prescriptions, toothbrush, etc. if s/he should decide to rummage through my bag.

From Angela in Greensboro, North Carolina
I am going on a 14 hour road trip by myself. I suggest you give your travel route to a friend so if anything happens to you they will be able to tell someone the direction you took. You will know you’re not alone. And don’t forget the snacks, no need to spend extra money at fast food restaurants and waste extra time stopping to eat.

From Stephanie in Oregon
If you’re single and don’t want to be bothered by ‘advances’ from men, buy a wedding ring or band and wear it on your ring finger. It can always come in handy.