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Mountain bikeing is easy in the Vaux Region. Marybeth relaxing with green scenery

The Lake Geneva Region is ideal for hiking and biking. There are 1,800 miles of marked trails.Plus chocolate at every stop.

Trails are well marked with yellow signs throughout Switzerland

It's hard to get lost with all the good trail markers for hikers, bikers, and mountain bikers.

Biking across a wooden suspension bridge in Swiss Countryside

Thrills include biking across a wood-slat bridge in the Swiss Countryside.

Cheese and salami snack while mountain biking.

Tasty snack of Guyere aged 6, 8 and 10 months and salami. Hazelnut chocolate bars for dessert. As our guide said, "Swiss Chocolate is good for your heart and your happiness".



Traditional Swiss Chalets.

Bike past traditional wooden chalets decked out with flowers and the giant, antique cow bells.

A Swiss chalet and green hills along the trail.

A Swiss chalet and green landscapes hills along the bike trail in Chateau d'Oex