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Swiss Chocolate Train

Hop Aboard the Chocolate Train to Gruyere for a fondu lunch then travel to Broc to visit a chocolate factory.

Swiss Chocolate with nuts, with milk, dark chocolate

Taste all kinds of chocolate at the "Maison Cailler-Nestle"

For the delight of fine chocolate lovers, visit a chocolate factory in Switzerland. Take the “Chocolate Train” and visit the Cailler-Nestle factory and tasting room.

Cow grazing on green meadow in Switzerland

The trains in Switzerland are squeaky clean and many are painted with scenes of cows or mountains.

What makes the milk chocolate so delicious? Fat, happy cows with rich, organic milk.

After the tour, you’ll have about 30 types of chocolate to taste. Believe it or not, I couldn’t’ taste them all. Among those I did savor, my favorite was the hazelnut Cailler bars.

Since I didn’t want

to carry the chocolate all over Switzerland, I thought I’d buy more of them in the Zurich Airport. Wrong. Regretfully I never found the exact hazelnut filled chocolate bars again.

TIP: When you see, sample or taste something divine, like Swiss Chocolate, buy it. Don’t wait.