How to Travel with a New Partner – Travel Advice

Whether you are headed to Wine Country or to Italy, the first overnight trip you take with a new partner can be tricky. Here is some must-know advice to ensure the two of you travel smoothly together.


  • For your first trip together, start small, go for a weekend. See what kind of travel partners you are before you commit to a longer trip.
  • Pick a place neither of you has been before. It’s more fun to explore together instead of one person always taking the lead.
  • If you chose to travel to a foreign country select one where either both of you speak the language or neither of you do.
  • Talk about your budget. Communicate how much each of you can contribute and what you feel your daily per deum should be.
  • Share responsibilities for planning. One of you finds the airline tickets, one books the rental car, etc. Then no one person is completely in control and no one person is to blame if things go wrong.
  • Pace yourselves. Don’t plan too much in one day. If you like really active days: skiing, hiking, biking, so on active days, leave the evenings open or don’t plan theater or night shows.
  • Be spontaneous. Too much planning can kill the fun.
  • Maintain a positive attitude.
  • Talk about sharing the bathroom. Time yourself and tell him how long you’ll need in the bathroom and give him the choice of sleeping in, or waiting for you.
  • Be flexible and when the question arises: What shall we do today, DON”T answer, I don’t care. It is partly your responsibility to offer suggestions.
  • Plan a romantic moment. Take a candle, chocolates and a bottle of  something special and surprise him.
  • Keep your shopping to a minimum and your luggage light.

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