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Leave Your Itinerary with someone back home. Whether you’re single or have a million relatives, leave your travel itinerary with a colleague, friend or loved one. Carry extra copies with you in case you lose it. It’s also a good idea to carry photocopies of your passport, photo I.D. and emergency contacts.

Protect Yourself
I never travel without a simple rubber door-stop. It can stop intruders in their tracks. It’s inexpensive, light to pack, and gives you the peace of mind to sleep well. The main door to your room usually has a pretty good lock and peephole and sometimes a bar chain. But if there is an adjoining room, that door usually has a fairly flimsy lock. The doorstop is especially useful in those situations.

Quick Fix
Another item I never leave home without is a foot-long piece of duct tape, which I wrap around a pencil. It fixes so many things. If a strap on a sandal snaps, a purse handle breaks, it’s duct tape to the rescue.

Beat Blisters
Foot problems are a painful part of the frequent-flyer lifestyle. Long hours of walking in airports, through convention halls or on uneven surfaces like cobblestone streets can lead to blisters. Band-aids often slip off toes and heels, so I pack thin moleskin instead. Buy the soft self-adhesive sheets at a grocery or drugstore, cut them into small squares and keep them in your purse or briefcase. If my shoe starts to rub, I can cover the area right away before it turns into a nasty blister.

Tag It
Make sure you have a secure I.D. tag on all your luggage and carry-ons, including your laptop. Tape your business card to the bottom, with your cell phone number, in case you leave it at security, they can call you at the airport. Also, brightly colored tags or a colorful strap will make your black bag stand out from all the others. It’s a good idea to put your contact information INSIDE your bags, in case your tag goes missing or gets ripped off.

Wake Up Calls
Carry your own alarm clock or a sports watch with an alarm. Even five star hotels screw up on wake up calls.