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JC Face 042Ask these questions when booking a room:

  • Do kids stay free? Is breakfast free?
  • Does the hotel offer a discount for adjoining rooms?
  • Does the hotel have cribs and roll-away beds? Do they charge to rent them?
  • Are there any supervised programs for kids? How much do they cost? Do you have to make a reservation?
  • Is there in-room babysitting? How much per hour? What are the qualifications of the sitter? How far in advance do you need to make reservations?
  • Do the hotel restaurant and room service have a kids’ menu?
  • Does the hotel offer several family-oriented cable stations, like Disney, Nickelodeon, AMC, Discovery and Lifetime? Does the TV have a VCR, and is there a video library with kids’ videos?
  • Are there Super Nintendos in the room?
  • Can the balcony or patio door be locked?
  • Does the pool have any special features (like a slide or waterfalls)?
  • Does the hotel offer a children’s program? Is it included in the room rate?