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My five most useful packing tips for frequent travelers. Packing is always stressful. Even though I’ve packed for trips to over 100 countries on seven continents, it is always stressful and I keep learning ways to make it easier.

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My Five Best Packing Tips

  1. Although we may know these things, I have to remind myself every time I pack (which is often), to begin packing at least 48-hours before I go. If I pack the night before, I always pack too much and forget the same items; belts, nightgown, jewelry that matches the outfits and a bathing suit. (I love jacuzzis).
  2. Dental disasters. Remember Tom Hanks in the gripping survival drama Cast Away?Using a rock, he knocked out his sore tooth to end the excruciating pain. A cracked tooth, that I was unaware of, could have sent me to a rural hospital in Myanmar. Most people neglect to pack a dental repair kit. If you lose a filling, cap, crown or inlay in a foreign country, you don’t have to worry about finding a dentist. You can buy a dental repair kit at most drug stores.
  3. Duct tape to the rescue. Have you ever had your eye glasses or sunglasses break? Or your purse, briefcase or sandal strap snap? Or the handle fall off your suitcase mid-trip? Pack a long strip of duct tape for unexpected repairs. Just wrap it around a pen and tuck it in your bag.
  4. For many of us, the heaviest items we pack are shoes, electronics and cosmetics. So to keep your luggage light, take only 2-3 pairs and wear one the heaviest on the plane. I often wear my athletic shoes on the plane and pack the black dress shoes.  Limit the number of large bottles of shampoo, cream and cosmetics. Yes, take the time to pour what you’ll need into small plastic containers and buy small toothpaste, creams, etc.
  5. Pack  All your chargers for cell phone,  ipad, camera, laptop in one ziplock bag. My husband and I never have enough plugs for all our tech stuff. If you’re traveling overseas or on a cruise, pack a power strip for your appliances. NOTE: Increasingly cruise lines are offering plugs in the staterooms that will accommodate 110 and 220 voltage.                                                                                                          *** Several times I left a charger in the hotel room. I learned to pack them in a zip lock with the words CHARGERS written in red on the bag. I leave the bag by the door so I can’t leave the room without seeing it.