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The Perfect Luggage can even roll on sand!

Someday you too may be dropped off  on a beach in Southern Thailand  and have to drag your bag up to the resort. At that moment, you’ll know if you the perfect travel bags and if you’re an accomplished packer.

Because the skill of traveling light depends upon your carry-on bag, your luggage choice and the packing process.

The Perfect  Woman’s Carry-On Bag should be big enough to hold: an ipad, Kindle or book for reading, inflatable pillow, water bottle, soft socks and warm shawl, eye shield, ear plugs, head phones and toothbrush/toothpaste.

Important qualities for travel carry on bag: it zips shut, the dark colors won’t show dirt or stains, and it has strong handles.

I prefer leather straps and a washable black material. It’s important that you feel comfortable pushing the bag under the seat in front of you on the plane, so it can’t be too rigid or easily soiled.

The bag in the photo looks like a Longchamps bag doesn’t it? Well, I bought this bag at Target, but I’ve seen similar leather bags at Nordstrom’s and  Macy’s.

The Perfect Luggage, in my opinion, should be sturdy, light, and have four wheels (often called “spinners”) so you can push it in front of you down a narrow airplane aisle or in airports. The main failure point on luggage is zippers, so you should make sure you have a good one.

I’ve used Samsonite Spinner luggage for years, but there are other models available that are less expensive and lighter.


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