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Packing is such a pain. Lists help me reduce the stress. Here’s my list of last minute items I’ve forgotten in the past:

  • cell phone charger,
  • night gown, toothpaste,
  • washcloth (many hotels overseas do not provide them),
  • large safety pin or clothespin to fully close hotel drapes,
  • a rubber door stopper for added security in hotel rooms.
  • TSA combination luggage lock for suitcase and use in my hotel room to keep honest people honest.


Packing for an international trip?  A “Don’t Forget To Do” list

1. Call my credit card company to add a “Travel Alert” to my account. So when the bank sees ATM debits and credit card charges from overseas they’ll accept them. I am careful to give the exact dates so they know when I’ll be home.

2. Purchase travel insurance. I like to be covered for lost or delayed bags, electronic and sporting equipment, missed connections, emergency medical and dental (so I don’t have to pay out-of-pocket),  as well as the all-important Emergency Medical Transportation.

3. Call my cell phone carrier and add the International Plan.  The charge can be pro-rated, so I make a note to call and cancel it as soon as I get home. Most importantly, I ask how much each minute will cost if I call from my destination to the USA. How much will text messages cost? I learn that I should turn the phone off (use Airplane Mode), or I’ll be charged minutes for every phone message and text sent to me.

3. I go into the bank and get lots of crisp, clean $1 bills to use for tips and shopping (when the vendor doesn’t have change). I also take a couple hundred dollars in US currency, which I keep in my money belt or lock in my suitcase in my room, if a safe isn’t available.

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Good luck. I hope you can learn from my mistakes.   Au Revoir.