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For advice, ideas, tips on women travel, the New York Times recommends Marybeth.

“Marybeth was a pioneer in women travel long before books like “eat, Love, Pray” made the concept popular. Q&A: She tells about creating her brand: Gutsy and best and worst travel experiences.

Marybeth is a journalist, editor, author based in San Francisco. She has traveled to over 100 countries on 7 continents and writes for National Geographic.  Outside Magazine featured Marybeth on the cover with her travel stories and advice and The New York Times interviewed her in recently about Millennial Travel.

Five years ago, Marybeth biked across America with her daughter; 3,100 miles over 3 months from California to Virginia with her 22-year-old daughter. They used social media, their blog, and television appearances, and a corporate sponsor to raise over $52,000 in support of the National Osteoporosis Foundation.

Recently Marybeth tracked polar bears and swam with Beluga whales in the Canadian Arctic, and kayaked through icebergs in Antarctica.

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Marybeth She has published 12 books and is ranked #1 Women’s Travel Expert on Google Searches.