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What to pack? Watch this video and learn from the Travel Expert, National Geographic author and writer, Marybeth Bond.

What to pack? 

What to pack for almost every trip. The basics made easy.  What to leave at home? What are the heaviest items?

Start to pack early. Don’t wait until the night before you leave.






My packing list of what I’ve forgotten on past trips:

  • a bathing suit for hot tubs and jacuzzis,
  • a power strip to plug in several electronic devices when there aren’t enough, conveniently located,  electrical outlets in a room 
  • charger cords for cell phone and laptop and Kindle
  • washcloth (many hotels overseas do not provide them),
  • large safety pin or clothespin to fully close hotel curtains, that, annoyingly, do not quite close in the middle,
  • a rubber door stopper for added security in hotel rooms,
  • duct tape for all sorts of repairs to broken or torn backpacks, purses, sandals, sunglasses or luggage,
  • empty Zip Lock bags for dirty laundry or a wet bathing suit,

Watch this timeless What To Pack Video. 


What to pack? What to leave at home? How many shoes? Watch the What to Pack video.