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Before beginning a long trip, I review my checklists. I hope they help to make your packing and planning easier.

For the Airplane

1. Silicon ear plugs.

2. Eye Shield.

3. Warm sweater.

4. Comfortable Socks.

5. No Jet Lag Pills. Begin taking them as soon as you board. Emergenc-C or AirBorne tablets are immune system boosters I u

Pre-trip checklist.

  1. Put my passport, itinerary, important contacts and business papers in my carry-on bag.
  2. Pack the computer charger, camera charger, and all necessary connection cables.
  3. Research online to find what wall plug (and/or converter) I’ll need for the country where I’ll be going and pack it.
  4. Sign up for an international phone and date usage plan with my cell phone service provider.
  5. Call the Credit Card companies to notify them of my travel dates and destinations so they can monitor if there are unusual charges on my accounts.
  6. Cancel the newspapers.
  7. Send members of my family and a trusted friend a list of my itinerary and places where I can be reached in case of emergency.
  8. Arrange for someone to water the plants and take care of the dog. Prepare pet food and treats, as well as my contact information in case of an emergency.
  9. Upload a few good books, movies and a travel guide (book or app) on my laptop or ipad.
  10. Put a “Stop Delivery” on the mail. You can do this online at

“Breathe deeply” I tell myself and start packing clothes ,shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, night gown and all the rest.