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 To celebrate Halloween, check out the seven spookiest hotels in the U.S.

While we all know about the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park where the movie The Shinning was filmed, check out these hotels where you may just cozy up with the ghosts. We can’t say if the “haunted” title is earned or added for effect.


The Algonquin Hotel Times Square, New York

What happens when the lights go out?  A lovely renovated room at the Algonquin Hotel in NYC.

What happens when the lights go out?
A lovely renovated room at the Algonquin Hotel in NYC.

The Algonquin is the oldest running hotel in New York City and has had many cultural luminaries pass through its oak-paneled lobby, including Gertrude Stein and Simone de Beauvoir. Its famed literary scene is also what inspired the creation of “The New Yorker” magazine, hence why a free copy is given to every guest upon arrival. The Algonquin Round Table – a group of young writers, critics and artistic savants –  met daily for lunch in the hotel’s Rose Room, where ideas, opinions and gossip were exchanged, and as a result, a new era of artistic aesthetics was ushered in. Today, the Algonquin continues to be a hot spot for intellectual types, politicians, socialites and even, allegedly, the ghosts of the Algonquin Round Table members, who clearly couldn’t get enough of this luxurious hotel. Book through Room 77, and you can stay on Halloween for $322/night.


The Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego


An iconic hotel in San Diego, The Hotel Del Coronado (or “The Del,” as it’s affectionately called) is richly steeped in history. Throughout its time, this storied hotel has hosted the who’s who of the entertainment industry, as well as notable politicians and even royalty. Moreover, this beautiful beachfront property has been featured in countless movies and shows, including “Some Like it Hot” – with none other than Marilyn Monroe. But there’s purported to be another beauty roaming the grounds of The Del – the ghost of a young woman named Kate Morgan. Legend has it that in November 1892, she checked into a room on the third floor … but never checked out, having passed away under tragic circumstances on the beach in front of the hotel. Ghostly thrill seekers can stay at this 4-star resort for $309/night on All Hallows Eve.


The Queen Mary, Long Beach, Calif.


The Queen Mary has the distinction of being a trans-Atlantic ocean liner, then a troopship in World War II, and then retiring to become a hotel, restaurant and tourist attraction. What the owners did not count on were the many unpaid visitors below deck, including specters of a young sailor who was accidentally killed in the engine room and crew members of another boat that were killed when the Queen Mary collided with their ship. The hotel has used these hauntings to their advantage, offering a “Ghosts and Legends” tour of the vessel. Or travelers could do their own tour and stay the night, with accommodations as low as $95 per night.


Omni Parker House, Boston


As one of the longest-operating hotels in the United States, the Omni Parker House has seen its fair share of some of the world’s most famous politicians, writers and celebrities. Guests ranged from Ralph Waldo Emerson to JFK to Judy Garland. The ghost of Harvey Parker, the hotel’s founder is said to occasionally wanders through some of the rooms to personally inquire about guests’ stays. Travelers can experience this supposed haunting first hand for $192/night.


Napa River Inn, Napa, Calif.


Dating back to 1884, the Napa River Inn was once a mill, warehouse and feed store, while its current iteration is a luxury hotel. Visitors have reported a woman in white wandering throughout the property and unsettling feeling of being watched while in the guest rooms. Rooms 207 and 208 are apparently very active, with unexplained noises and doors opening and closing of their own volition. A former owner committed suicide on the property at the turn of the century and his presence is felt by travelers and staff alike. Despite the things that go bump in the night, the Napa River Inn is a romantic destination within walking distance to downtown – travelers can snag a room on Halloween for $233 per night.


Hotel Provincial, New Orleans


Listed on the National Registrar of Historic Places, Hotel Provincial is replete with antiquated charm, from its exposed brick walls to the fig ivy espaliers. The Dupepe family has owned this French Quarter hotel since 1961, so guests can expect to be greeted with that infamous southern hospitality. One tie to the past Hotel Provincial can’t seem to shake is the 25-year-old ghost wearing a white dress who haunts the grounds; she has been spotted walking up and down the hotel’s staircase, hanging out on the patio and even helping the hotel employees. Rooms start at $328 per night.


Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado.


No haunted hotels list is complete without the ubiquitous Stanley Hotel. Its spooky reputation was only bolstered by The Shining; it was known for being haunted well beforehand. This Georgian-style 140 room hotel offers panoramic views of the Rockies, and enough ghost stories to give you chills for a week. Many have reported hearing a rollicking party in the Ballroom, only to find it empty upon entrance. You may also hear wafting piano music originating from the Ballroom. This is believed to be Flora, the wife of the Stanley’s original owner, Freelan Stanley, who was a pianist.  You can snag a room at The Stanley on Halloween if you dare; rates start at $194 per night.


Thanks to Room77 for the spooky information. You may book these hotels online at Let us know your own paranormal experiences.