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Stockholm's rose-colored buildings and honey-colored blondes will catch your eye.

Stockholm’s friendly residents will offer great travel tips. The rose-colored buildings and honey-colored blondes add to the magic of the city.

We wished we had more travel tips about Stockholm when we visited last summer. We quickly discovered that 50% of the city’s area is water and it’s easy to explore the city by boat, bike or on foot.

Rent a bike

Stockholm is sprinkled over 14 islands, and with its flat bike lanes and constantly changing viewpoints, it is perfect for two-wheeled discovery. Buy a pass at the Stockholm Tourist Center or on the web and borrow a bike from 110 sites around the city from April to October.

Maritime history for the whole family

Park you bike for long enough to visit “The Vasa”, the only preserved seventeenth-century ship in the world, and a unique treasure. More than 95 percent of the ship is original, and it is decorated with hundreds of carved sculptures.

Consider a guided tour

If you are only staying for a few nights,  local knowledge is invaluable. Make the most of your visit or weekend in Stockholm by signing up for city break tours that are specifically designed to maximize your stay in this beautiful city. The tour guides are usually Stockholm locals who offer an insider perspective on the very best places to eat or shop, giving a personal touch.

Enjoy Unique Fine Dining

Showcasing some of the finest restaurants found anywhere in Scandinavia, you’ll find beautifully prepared dishes using fresh local ingredients. As you would expect from a city which is built on interconnected islands, fish is a well-known local delicacy and forms the basis for many classic Swedish dishes. In addition, the multicultural population of Stockholm has had an intriguing influence on modern dining in the City.

A Cosmopolitan Eco-City

In comparison with many large urban areas, Stockholm has managed to retain a large amount of green open space within it. The Royal National City Park stretches throughout Stockholm, cutting a swath of green through modern development. Everything from hotels to transport is designed to minimize carbon footprints and maximize sustainable ways of living. This ethos makes the City a great place to explore on foot as well as a clean and relaxing place to stay.

From museums to marinas, there are a multitude of different things to explore in Stockholm. Many visitors find hidden gems as they bike or wonder through Stockholm.