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No stilettos. No shopping… just pedaling to promote strong bones for life!
The Bond Girl Team, composed of

Bike Across America. Are we nuts?

Marybeth, her 22-year-old daughter and a friend, biked 3,114 miles from the Pacific to the Atlantic and raised $52,000 for the National Osteoporosis Foundation for research and education. Their all-female campaign brought awareness to the silent disease osteoporosis which runs in their family and affects millions of American women.
Six months of training. Three months of biking, and three months of recovery. Beginning in our hometown of San Francisco and ending in Yorktown, Va.
Read about our adventures at:

Biking for Osteoporosis Awareness 




Marybeth and her daughter pedal out of San Francisco and finish 3,115 miles later in Yorktown, VA.