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My first impression of Switzerland was the clean, invigorating Alpine air and incredible mountain scenery. But I was looking for high-adrenoline adventure.

Pure terror

Thrill and terror cliff jumping in a snow storm.

After our 8-hour bus ride from Florence with lots of other students, we checked into a spotless student hostel and bundled up for snow fun.

The modern network of cog railways and cable cars whisked us up the mountain for a thrilling  sled ride down. We wore necklaces of lights in the pitch-black night so the only thing we could see where the black silhouettes of the mountain giants around us and the twinkling of our necklaces.

Cliff jumping in Switzerland

Free-falling before the rope stops me.

Then we were towed up the mountain to a Heidi-like wood chalet for cheese fondu and Swiss wine or beer.

Interlaken is an adventurers paradise; bungee jump, cliff jump, ski, paraglide, or take a zip wire over glacier crevasses, or glide along the ski runs above Grundelwalk at up to 50 mph.

Snow fun in Interlaken, Switzerland

On the platform moments before we jumped.