Biking Across America: the Toughest Thing I’ve Ever Done!

As we rode, we blogged and raised money-country bike trip donors gave us $! per mile for Osteoporosis Research and Education.

During the cross-country bike trip donors gave us $! per mile for Osteoporosis Research and Education

Biking across America.  From California to Virginia.

Getting in shape was hard work; long bike rides, spinning classes, weight training and learning about nutrition. Biking 75-miles one day was OK, but doing it day-after-day was grueling.

WHY? When my 22-year-old daughter asked me to join her in a great adventure and challenge, I hesitated and voiced all my objections and fears. Click here for the diary of a day in Kansas.

How would we finance it? Could we get in shape to ride 3,000+ miles? Am I too old? Will we go with a group? Should we buy maps and go by ourselves? Should we ask someone to drive a camper for us?

My daughter threw down the gauntlet, “Mom, I know you’ll find a way if you really want to.”

Two months later we had landed a major corporation as a sponsor (General Mills and Total Cereal. Hence the Total jerseys). We invited JC’s best friend to drive the Recreational Vehicle.

We bought the detailed, terrific maps of the TransAmerica Bike Route  from and read their magazine Adventure Cyclist to get an idea of what we “didn’t know”.


We contacted the National Osteoporosis Foundation and offered to dedicate our ride to their cause.

Why? I am afflicted with osteoporosis, as are my sisters and mother. So we launched a website and blog for donations of a dollar for each mile we biked. Our goal was to ride across the country and increase awareness of women’s bone health. We accomplished the ride, we remained friends, no one was hurt, and perhaps our greatest achievement was raising $52,000 for a worthwhile cause.

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