Women Travel Statistics – 80% of All Travel Decisions Made by Women

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Women—young, old, single, married, and widowed—are fueling an explosive growth in the travel industry. More women are traveling, for business and for pleasure, and they’re calling the shots. Just look around in a restaurant, how many tables are occupied by groups of women?

At a crossroads at the Kathmandu Guesthouse. Where next?

Of those who currently take nature, adventure or cultural trips, 75% are women.

Women Travel Statistics

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80% of all travel decisions are made by women

Regardless of : who they travel with who pays for the trip• or where they go

A woman is the decision maker.

75% of those who take cultural,
adventure or nature trips are women.

230%, increase in number of women-only travel companies in past six years.

Women– young, old, single, married, and widowed are fueling an explosive growth in the travel industry.

By 2015, women are expected to control 60 percent of the country’s wealth and they are traveling.

With 67 million participants, the potential of the women’s market exceeds $19 trillion annually.

Women also travel differently than men do

87% of women say they go for the beautiful scenery, compared with 72% of men,
According to Market Researcher Yesawich, Pepperdine, Brown & Russell, 2005 Monitor.

While statistics are limited, an estimated 32 million single American women traveled at least once in the last year, and about three in 10 made tracks five times or more, according to the Travel Industry Association.

Bachelorette-hood: The number of single women age 35 and older has been increasing and now totals 28 million, the Census Bureau says.

The average adventure traveler is not a 28-year old male, but a 47-year-old female. And she wears a size 12 dress.

Women spend an average of $295 annually per individual on outdoor apparel and equipment. Outdoor Industry.org

There was a 60% increase in women’s specific sales from 2002-2004. By comparison, sales of unisex and men’s clothing showed only a 4% increase during the same time period. Outdoor Industry.org

Who’s Traveling?

Women– young, old, single, married, widowed and gutsy are fueling an explosive growth in travel industry

– Many older women are also experiencing this rite of passage.
– An increasing portion of solo female travelers are Baby Boomers and single mothers.

The travel industry is just waking up to the economic power of women.

Ten years ago, there were no such statistics. Now we know that the average adventure traveler is not a 28-year old male, but a 47-year-old female. And she wears a size 12 dress.

Last year women travelers spent over $95 billion in Outdoor Equipment, from hiking boots to specialized bike seats designed for the female anatomy.

The number of women-only tour operators has increased 230% in the past six years.

80% of all travel decisions are made by women.

Regardless of:

  • who they travel with,
  • who pays for the trip,
  • or where they go,

Let’s face it: a woman is the decision maker.

I interviewed numerous owners of large travel agencies and tour operators; from Virtuoso to AAA Travel.  I was told over and over:

“Yes, your statistics are right on. 75-80% of the decision makers we deal with are women.”

Travel decisions are made by women. For example:

  • Mom researches and then books the summer vacation for the entire family;
  • Grandma surfs the Internet, collects brochures, books tickets and accommodations for a multi-generational family reunion at a resort;
  • A middle-aged empty-nester books a five-day hiking trip with friends while her husband is golfing.


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