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Where is Machu Picchu?                 

Somewhere in South America, right?

I’ll admit Machu Picchu’s exact location was a bit fuzzy to me before we

visited last month.

This world famous Inca city is located in Peru

in the Cusco Region nestled among gigantic mountains and often blanketed in mist.

Machu Picchu is undeniably one of the great wonders of ancient civilizations, ranking right up there with China’s Great Wall and the pyramids of Egypt.

How do you get there?

My daughter and I flew from the USA to Lima, Peru where we saw the top tourist sites, ate lots of fresh seafood ceviche and rested for a few days before we flew to Cusco.

What do you need to know about Peru Travel?

Only 3% of Peru is flat.  Cusco sits at an elevation of 11,2– feet so you should take it easy,don’t overexert and drink lots of water.

We didn’t stay in Cusco overnight because our tour company, AdventuresByDisney, had it all planned so we would stay healthy and adjust to the altitude slowly.  We settled in at a deluxe ranch in the Sacred River Valley with a renowned chef, pool, spa and charming individual bungalows in lush gardens.

When we had seen many of the sights in the Sacred Valley, we spent a full day at the well preserved ruins of the pre-Columbian city built in the 15th-century. We hiked along the Inca Trail to the Sun Gate, up and down steep and irregular steps, then strolled through the noble architecture of temples, plazas, public paths, palaces and then ascended to the green terraces to contemplate the “lost city of the Incas.”