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Matato’a Dance group as seen worldwide.

“Matato’a (the watchful eye of the warrior) is a musical and dance group from Rapa Nui. It is one of the most famous bands from the island. Matato’a was founded in 1996 by Kevamatato’a Atan. It was in 1998 that they adopted the name of Matato’a, which means ‘warrior’ or ‘guardian.’ They played in all over Chile in the same year. Mito Manutomatoma, a founding member, left the group in 1999 to play mainstream Chilean music.

The group, consisting largely of family members, uses traditional instruments, such as stones, horse jawbone, and bombo along with electric guitars and other modern elements to create a unique fusion sound.

Matato’a’s principal motivation is to promote the ancestral traditions, the dances, the costumes, & body paintings of Rapa Nui. Performances are high-energy, with intensive indigenous cultural representation.” – Wikipedia