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National Geographic Author, Blogger

cover of Outside Magazine with gutsy traveler marybeth bondd

Marybeth was on the cover of Outside Magazine and her story of traveling around the world was featured as an inspirational story for all travelers.

Hi travelers. Let me introduce myself. I’m a National Geographic Author, editor, writer (12 travel books), and travel blogger. You may wonder why the name of my blog is Gutsy Travelers and the title of one of my books Gutsy Women. 

Oprah and Marybeth discuss her book Gutsy Women.

Marybeth and Oprah  talk about travel and her book Gutsy Women.

Many times I haven’t felt so gutsy, but I pretended to be gutsy and it helped boost my confidence in traveling, writing and on  extraordinary adventures ranging from tracking polar bears in the Arctic to biking across the USA. That’s right, my daughter and I biked  3,315 miles over almost 3 months (and raised $56K along the way for the National Osteoporosis Foundation). I often thought I couldn’t “do it” but I charged ahead and pretended I was “Gutsy” and wow, look what happened. You can be a gutsy traveler. In fact, you probably already are. Please join me on my blog to travel through this wondrous world together. 

Marybeth is a National Geographic Author, writer and travel blogger.  She has visited more than 100 countries and 7 continents.  Outside Magazine featured Marybeth on the cover, the New York Times profiled her in the Travel Section.  

Marybeth's books, including 3 for National Geographic. Gusty Women has sold over 90,000 copies and been translated into 3 languages.

Marybeth’s best selling books, including 3 for National Geographic

Riding with my daughter on our 3,315-miles Bike Across America adventure to raise money for the National Osteoporosis Foundation.


cover of Outside Magazine with gutsy traveler marybeth bondd

Annalyse in Bergen, Norway.







Meet Annalyse, contributor to Gutsy Travelers.

Annalyse is the real deal. A new generation of gutsy traveler. She braved bears, loneliness, and blisters when she hiked the 215 mile John Muir Trail ALONE. She crossed the crest of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. That’s not all. She has dived off cliffs in Indonesia and Costa Rica. Annalyse trekked hut-to-hut in Norway and in the Dolomites. She camped through the National Parks of the Western USA for 6 weeks. She lived in Florence, Italy and traveled extensively from Bali to Burma and Vietnam to Croatia, and many more countries. When she’s not on an adventure trip, she teaches in an elementary school in Oakland, California. You may run into her in National Parks in Northern California, or in a mountain hut abroad. Read her blog posts to see how she has perfected the art of traveling on a budget. 

Annalyse hiking in Norway.



Marybeth and Annalyse hiking and climbing in the Canadian Rockies.

Marybeth in Antarctica.

Marybeth in Antarctica.