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My laptop in the beach cabana. A target for thieves.

We all lock our hotel room doors and make copies of our passports as precautions, but how many of us think about the “digital dangers” of traveling?

Nearly everyone travels with a smartphone or laptop, making the possibility of  loss, theft, data interception and hard drive damage legitimate threats to personal data like photos, financial records and even medical information.

Even if you aren’t tech savvy, there are simple tools that can help keep your digital life safe on the road, like data backup solutions and VPN services.

Here are some tools to consider:

CrashPlan+ (

A “set it and forget it” backup solution, CrashPlan encrypts and then backs up all of your files to a secure online server. If your laptop gets damaged, lost or stolen, you can access all files through the mobile app, or securely log in through another computer. It’s also a great tool for backing up and then accessing travel documents – itineraries, passport scans, insurance, important contact information, etc.

proXPN (

A virtual private network (VPN) is a great way to ensure online activity and personal information stays private. Open Wi-Fi networks in hotels and cafes make you easy prey, and proXPN can ensure that no one intercepts your connection and steals your personal information – whether you are using your laptop or smartphone.