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Machu Picchu has been at the top of our “Bucket List” for years. Last August my daughter and I finally made that dream come true with the help of Disney Adventures.


Did you know that Disney has launched land tours on six continents? We joined the Peru trip, which was one of the first international land trips offered by Disney four years ago. Forty-four tours later, they run a seamless and very popular adventure trip. 

We joined other families with young and older kids to visit Lima and the heart of the Incan Empire in the Sacred Valley where the World Heritage Site of Machu Picchu is located along with a cornucopia of archeological treasures.

Although I’ve studied photos and read about Machu Picchu in National Geographic and other publications, I was not prepared for the impact of seeing this new Wonder of the World up close and personal.

The “Lost City of the Incas” stands in a grandiose setting, clinging to the geometrically terraced slopes above the swirling waters of the Urubamba River. The magical stone city is nestled in the saddle between two peaks overlooking the humid jungle.

The approach to the ruins adds to the anticipation and magic. Views from the train’s dome windows became increasingly inhospitable. Farm land melted into dense forests, the glacier-covered mountain slopes disappeared as the train chugged deeper and deeper into the dark, vertiginous gorges along the Urubamba River.

We gasped in awe at the first glimpse of the well-preserved ruins standing regally under a piercingly blue sky.

When I mention we visited Machu Picchu to travelers who have been there, the most common remark is, “wasn’t it fabulous?” Yes, seeing Machu Picchu is an extraordinary experience in your life. The reality is greater than you can imagine.