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My family and I always learn so much on a trip, especially if we have a good

When I think of Peruvian Cuisine my mouth waters. I remember a large variety and preparation of delicious potatoes, quinoa, trout, and alpaca.

guide. On our recent Peru trip, Ernesto, our very-well educated, and friendly guide, gave us

A crash course in Pre-Columbian History and Andean cultures.

Story telling makes history come alive

and Disney guides do an exceptional job of teaching through story telling We just returned from the Disney Adventure to Peru and my daughter and I chose these facts to share with you.

  • Ancient Peruvians gave potatoes and gluten -free quinoa to the world.

  • There over 3,000 varieties potatoes in Peru. A local grocery store may offer ten kinds, while an outdoor market will sell thirty or more varieties and women know just what potato goes with what dishes!
  • Peruvians treated malaria 2,000 years ago with quinine harvested from trees.
  • The largest silver production in the world is in Peru.

  • SO…spend some time to shop for silver jewelry in shops and the outdoor markets, such as those in Aguas Calientes at the base of Machu Picchu.
  • The Andes are the second youngest and the second oldest mountains in the world. The Himalayas place first in both categories.
  • Watch for the seven inch-long hummingbirds that zip through the hotel gardens in the Sacred Valley.