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P1000182When I  traveled to “Burma”   for the first time, an iron-fisted militant government ruled and people were suffering from the horrors of one of the longest running civil wars in history. Myanmar has been slowly emerging from a prolonged era of isolation and repression with new freedoms of expression, a new Constitution and elections.

I was enchanted by the ancient Buddhist temples, fruit-filled rainforests, rich rivers, and friendly Buddhist people. If you go, I’m sure you will love the country and people too.


In a city (Yangon, or Rangoon) renown for its stunning pagodas and temples, the masterpiece and most sacred is the spectacular Shwedagon Pagoda.

Returning recently, it is hard to believe that the country I visited in the 1980’s ever existed.  Myanmar has taken major strides to turn from a military dictatorship to a fledgling democracy and it’s now emerging from the shadows as one of the hot travel destinations for 2013.

Controversy has not disappeared, however. Among several concerns is the sectarian strife between Buddhists and Muslims in the region. But despite some peoples’ trepidations, support for travel to Myanmar is increasing and the country has even launched plans to lure in more tourists. Don’t wait. Go now! 

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Travel with the locals in vans like this, or go with a tour operator and zip around in air conditioned vehicles.


Smiles greet you from young and old.


A typical scene on a rural road.