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Marybeth speaks with passion and from experience. She has climbed the Himalayas, written eleven books, and scaled mountains in the corporate, publishing and media worlds. She has covered stories in hundreds of countries across the globe in her many roles, including: best-selling author, travel editor for, adventure editor for travelgirl magazine, radio host of a program syndicated nationally for Outside Magazine, and a contributor to CBS, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and USA Today.

Unleashing the adventurer in all of us, Marybeth’s humor, wit and straight talk delight both male and female audiences as she talks in-depth about personal growth and achievement through travel. Email for additional information.

Marybeth’s perspective on cross-cultural and niche marketing, and women’s issues–as well as travel and tourism–is rooted in dynamic and colorful experience. She engages her audiences and tells a story like no other female speaker.