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After we’ve wandered around the gardens at the Palm Cliff House outside Hilo, we lace up our walking shoes and head ¼ mile up the road, past an unhurried farmer on his tractor and pull into the parking lot at Akaka Falls State Park.

We slow our pace on a paved circular trail to scrutinize   the dense and luscious rainforest. Ferns, wild orchids, thick bamboo and leaves the size of giants demand our full attention and admiration. At the end of the trail, in a light mist of warm rain, we see Hawaii’s tallest waterfall and realize that Mother Nature triumphs. As we focus on her grandeur  thoughts of email or text messages evaporate.

Returning to the inn we settle in; first adjust the overhead slat fan to slow, then read on the porch, and eventually soak in the Jacuzzi. Life slows down and “Hawaiian time” takes hold.

HIke through the dense and luscious rainforest to the falls.