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Five simple exercises you can do in airports, hotel rooms or a rental car.

Exercises for Back and Shoulders

When you hit the road, skies or waterways, you don’t have to “fall” into old habits!  Give your body a daily fitness boost with five simple slimming exercise tips – courtesy of the vibrant, 75-year-old health expert Sheila Cluff, founder of the spa and resort, The Oaks at Ojai, in Southern California. 

·         Biceps: Is there a heavy can of beer or soda in your mini-bar? Put them to good use! For an effective bicep workout, hold a can in each hand and bring your upper arms close to the body. Bend elbows and slowly bring your hands up to your shoulders.  Release and bring your hands down to your thighs, keeping your arm muscles contracted throughout the routine.

·         Abs: Laughter isn’t only the best medicine – it’s the best ab workout as well. Laughing exercises your diaphragm, abdominal and respiratory muscles all at the same time. It is estimated that hearty laughter can burn calories equivalent to several minutes on the rowing machine or exercise bike.  Now that’s worth laughing about!

·         Glutes: Opt out of the elevator, and take the stairs instead! Walk or hike up the stairs quickly, and take two steps at a time. When shopping, working or anywhere you find stairs, take them to burn a few calories and give your fitness level an extra boost. It’s a free and easy way to get a great backside.

·         Back, Shoulders & Chest: Tight or tense at work? Take a 5-minute break to stretch and help build strength in your upper body. While sitting in your desk chair, touch your ear to your shoulder and hold it there. For a chest opener, stretch your arms back as if you were trying to grab a pencil between your shoulder blades. Keeping muscles loose will ease tension and keep you energized throughout the workday!

·         Brain: Okay, maybe the brain isn’t technically a muscle, but it’s important to exercise your thoughts on fitness in the same way you exercise the rest of your body. Be realistic and ready for the fall season by understanding food labels, strategically making time for exercise, and combating the urge to be lazy during the colder months!

Thank you Shelia and The Oaks at Ojai (on Facebook) a fitness destination spa.