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Hi Friends,
I’d like to share my travel friend, Londoner Nick’s perspective about the Olympic Games.

P.S. Links to blogs about my recent trips to Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Russia, Germany and France are here.

LONDON  The British Bollywood Celebration for the Torch
The torch did indeed go past yesterday – which ended up being a bit mad. The joke going around at the moment is that London is playing host to 217 nations for the Olympics – which is actually 30 less nationalities than currently live here. We’re based out of Hounslow, which has a very high Asian population, so the whole thing had a very Indian feel. There was a sound stage set up directly next to the office building, showing off traditional British activities like bhangra drummers, belly dancers and Bollywood singers.

I asked Nick what he thought of all the complaining and security….
Yes, they’ve been making a big deal of the security thing over here as well. It’s very fashionable at the moment to find a large corporation that is under-performing and then have a panel of politicians grill them on live TV. We’ve had the Leveson Inquiry, Barclays and now this guy. I quite like it myself…! I think we’ll be okay, there are now more soldiers deployed in London for the games than are in Afghanistan at the moment. Apparently the weather will be picking up next week, but it’s a bit late for anyone to stop complaining about it at this stage. We’re considering making complaining an Olympic sport. We need all the medals we can get.

Day 1 – The organisers put up South Korea’s flag for the North Korean Women’s Football team… who promptly left the pitch in protest. On day 1!

At this rate, the opening ceremony will culminate in a bunch of puzzled builders gathered around with lighters and sticks trying to get the torch lit…
I’m enjoying the Olympics vicariously.

Here’s to the Games: Beer in Berlin with my daughter.