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Boomers Resources

We intrepid boomers keep on trekking, biking, hiking and exploring the world. Here are my boomers travel resources, complied from decades of travel. 

I’ve traveled all my life but I am getting choosier about where I go, with whom. I don’t have all the time in the world anymore and I want to make the most of every trip.

Every boomer traveler I know tells me they prefer more creature comforts than when they were younger. Camping intents or backpacking is out for most boomers. Many have more safety concerns and wonder about the physical rigors of the trip. If you are going on a cruise, river cruise or organized tour, you should be able to talk to a representative at the tour company as well as speak to a past passenger who can offer you recent information and a perspective from a fellow boomer traveler. Doing research and speaking to people who have gone where you want to travel is a key element of planning. 

What about the jet lag component? How many early rises will there be? How long does it take to get to the destination?

How will I stay healthy?

Like many other boomer travelers, this is a time to give back when we travel by volunteering.

For first hand experiences and advice from me, a fellow 50+ traveler, here’s a starting place.

Safety concerns for boomers

How do you keep your valuables and yourself safe in your hotel room?

How can you prepare yourself and avoid trouble?

What to pack?

For years I’ve used lots of different carry-on bags and here’s my favorite and why.

Packing for a trip to Europe or a short city jaunt?

What are the ten things you should pack in your travel bag for a cruise or land tour?

Tips for the Solo Woman Traveler

If you’re going alone what precautions should you take?