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   Marybeth began writing about women travel over 20 years ago encouraging all women to ‘go for it’ alone, with friends, or groups.

She knew her subject well, for she had just returned from two years traveling alone around the world. During this journey she met her future husband, an American, in Katmandu. Her twelve books cover solo, family, adventure and girlfriend travel.

In her 20’s she lived in Luxembourg, Paris and New Caledonia. In her 30’s and 40’s she lived with nomads in the Thar Desert of India, Sherpa families in Nepal, Karen Tribes in Northern Thailand, the hill tribes (Black Thai) in Northeast Vietnam, Gamblin musicians in Bali, Gaelic dairy farmers on the Dingle Peninsula, Mayans in Mexico and the Navajo on tribal lands in Arizona.

Lighthearted or serious, sad or funny, or some combination of it all, each of Marybeth’s eleven books will move you — perhaps even to a new adventure or to the road itself.