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The pension where we students live provides breakfast and lunch, but not dinner, so most nights we eat at typical three course Italian meal at a restaurant; pasta,

Chocolate Festival in Florence, Italy

The white, milk and dark chocolate cell phones were perfect to nibble on with a strong espresso on a cold day in Florence.

meat and a dessert. After inhaling such a large meal, we usually stroll around Florence.

Last week we stumbled upon the famous Chocolate Festival in Piazza della Republica, the largest square in Florence, located in one of the oldest sections of town. During the Roman Era the piazza was home to the forum. Later in the Middle Ages a food market hall was built on the spot. Today all that remains of the historic area is the Colonna dell’Abbondanza (Column of Abundance).

We found abundance in all forms and colors and shapes of chocolate. Dozens of booths offered flowing warm chocolate fondue, artistic chocolate statues, pure melted chocolate served in cones and every type of chocolate bar, and shape, one could imagine. It was a chocolate lovers’ heaven.

 Fresh fruit kabobs dipped in warm chocolate in Florence, Italy.

Fresh fruit kabobs dipped in warm chocolate

I couldn’t resist a chocolate kabob, with fresh strawberries, bananas and grapes, dipped in a fondu fountain of milk chocolate. It was the best dessert decision I have made yet! The fruit melted in my mouth, as shots of sweet chocolate complimented it. My taste buds went crazy!

hocolate lipstick, tools, scissors and wrenches for sale in Florence, Italy

One friend bought a silver chocolate wrench and hammer for her dad, another found a chocolate puppy to ease her longing for her puppy at home. A chocolate shoe, shaped like a soccer cleat, made a perfect gift for a college friend who is a soccer star.

The Chocolate Festival lasts nine days, February 10-19th, and is a must-do for your taste buds if you are in Florence during mid-February.