About Marybeth. National Geographic writer, author

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National Geographic writer, author Marybeth and her daughter at the beginning of a 3,115-mile bike trip across the USA for three months. She raised $52,000 for Osteoporosis research and education.

Marybeth Bond is a National Geographic author, blogger, contributor to  The New York Times,  LA Times, USA TodayThe Wall Street Journal, Elle, Cosmopolitan, More Magazine, and more.  She founded the travel blog GutsyTraveler, is a Global Editor at TravelGirl Magazine and is the global correspondent for ontravel radio, with an audience in over 100 cities worldwide.

Her 12 award-winning books include 50 Best Girlfriend Getaways in North America, A Woman’s World and Gutsy Women, which landed her on The Oprah Winfrey Show talking about travel for women.

Her first book, A Woman’s World, is a best-seller and won the Lowell Thomas Gold Medal for the Best Travel Book from the Society of American Travel Writers Foundation. Her 12th book, Gutsy Women, has been published worldwide in four editions and three languages.

Marybeth was on the cover of Outside Magazine, featuring her story of “How to Make the Great Escape” and how she found romance in Kathmandu” (he ended up her husband). She also hosted her own syndicated travel radio show for the magazine.

Marybeth had her own Travel Radio Show and appears often on TV and radio as a travel expert. Marybeth has a BA from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and also studied in Paris for four years, earning a graduate degree. She had a business career in high-tech marketing for Xerox and Honeywell and is a popular speaker and spokesperson for Fortune 500 Companies, Banks, Law Firms and at corporate conventions.

Marybeth is a member of National Association of Journalists and Authors and the Society of American Travel Writers and was an advisor for Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

Marybeth ranks #1 in Google searches for Women Travel Expert.


How I Became a Gutsy Traveler

MB Outside Magazine CoverIn my 20’s I lived in Luxembourg, Paris and New Caledonia. At age 29, I left my career and traveled solo around the world for two years. In my 30’s and 40’s I lived with nomads in the Thar Desert of India, Sherpa families in Nepal, Karen Tribes in Northern Thailand, the hill tribes (Black Thai) in Northeast Vietnam, Gamblin musicians in Bali, Gaelic dairy farmers on the Dingle Peninsula, Mayans in Mexico and the Navajo on tribal lands in Arizona.

To afford this lifestyle I created a brand (GutsyTraveler), wrote books (12 in total, including Gutsy Women), blogged for National Geographic and GutsyTraveler.com, been on radio and TV as a travel expert, and been a corporate travel spokesperson.

So far I have visited over 100+ countries, all 50 US states, and rode my bike with my daughter across nine states from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic.

I have hiked, biked, dived, danced, snow-shoed, skied, climbed, copter-ed, tuk-tuked, trekked and traipsed my way through seven continents, from the depth of the Flores Sea to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. Along the way I studied in Paris for four years and earned two degrees.

I wasn’t always a Gutsy Traveler. I grew up in Ohio and cried my way through lonely summer camps. At age 18, with a lot of encouragement from my mother, I landed a job as a waitress in Grand Teton National Parkat Jackson Lake Lodge. That summer away from Ohio stuck with me for years. A friend planted the seed of studying abroad so I studied a year in Luxembourg then four in Paris. That’s when I was committed to travel as a lifestyle.